Friday, September 8, 2017

Thursday, August 24, 2017

#ThinkwareTutorial: Connecting to the F800 Via Personal HotSpot On a iOS Smartphone

In case you didn't know, the new F800 has an updated connectivity feature that will allow users more convenient access to your footage and faster downloads for firmware and footage.

While you can still connect to the F800 via built-in Wi-Fi similarly to the F770/F750/X350, you can now connect to the F800 with cellular data* through your Personal Hotspot for even more convenient access to your footage and to directly upgrade your firmware on your mobile device.

This #ThinkTutorial will show you how to set up your hotspot connection on a iOS device. Continue reading for a step by step guide!

#ThinkwareTutorial: Connecting to the F800 Via Built-in Wi-Fi On a iOS Smartphone

While you can now use your Personal Hotspot to connect to your F800 dash cam, you don't need a data plan to conveniently access your dash cam footage and settings You can always use the built-in Wi-Fi feature to enjoy the same convenience, like with the F770/F750/X350,

Learn how to use the built-in Wi-Fi feature on the F800 with its new iOS mobile app!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

First Road Trip with the Thinkware F800 - The Epilogue (or: Don't Drive When You're Hallucinating)

[Previously on Thinkware Road Trip: We took a V8 Camaro and did some burnouts on Route 66 in California. Oh, we took the brand new F800 Dash Cam as well.]

After the 12-hour trip that we had driving from Las Vegas to San Diego, and one that saw the car broken down and towed, we finally arrived. Our itinerary in San Diego was simple -- we'd get some good food, take it easy, before flying out back to Canada, where I currently live.

Little did I know that trouble was only at my doorstep.

Unpacking my backpack at the hotel, I noticed something unusual: my passport was missing.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Get Your Kicks on Route 66: First Road Trip with the Thinkware F800

Flash back: January 2017 -- one day after we wrapped up our CES event. We officially got our hands on one of the very first prototypes of the Thinkware F800 Dash Cam. What should we do with it? Drive around Las Vegas while being stuck behind apocalypse-like traffic? Or use it as an excuse to take the open road, and head for the coast? Hmm, decisions, decisions...

300 bucks later, I take the keys to a rental 2014 V8 Camaro convertible and proceeded to tear out of Las Vegas like a bat out of hell (or, as I am legally required to say, closely following the speed limit), with the brand new F800 slapped on the windshield, and AC/DC blasting on the stereo.

Yep, no more V6 pony cars. We have done too many of them already, so it's time to splurge a little bit more for the rental upgrade. Destination? San Diego, California. Taking the long way there too, which means we will be spending some time doing burnouts on America's highway: The Route 66.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The New Dash Cam In Town: The Thinkware F800

Let's welcome the newest member of the Thinkware family: The Thinkware F800 Dash Cam. 

For a dash cam with such a sleek profile, the 2017 CES Innovation Award and IDEA Award winner sure has a lot to bring to the table. Superior night video quality, enhanced convenience and reliability -- the F800 has it all.

Here we are also excited to unveil the visionary Super Night Vision 2.0 feature in addition to samples of the enhanced video quality with the upgraded Sony Exmor R STARVIS image processor on the F800. Continue reading below to see what the F800 has to offer.

Friday, August 4, 2017

#ThinkwareTutorial: Updating To The Latest Speed Cam Data

Regularly updating to the latest speed cam data is important if you want to take full advantage of the Safety Camera Alert feature and know where the latest red light and speed cameras are. Follow our #ThinkwareTutorial below to learn how!