Friday, 26 August 2016

Friday, 19 August 2016

#FAQFridays: What is Dual Save Technology and how do I use it?

This week’s #FAQFridays post features Thinkware user Brad and his question:“I recently got a F750 and read about the Dual Save Technology feature. What is that and how do I use it?”

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Diamond Rally 2016: Sights and Sounds.

A Porsche, a F750 Dash Cam, and snowy mountains. 
Diamond Rally is an annual charity event where exotic car owners gather at a cars-and-coffee type event and just generally have a good time. This year, we teamed up with Sam, the editor of the excellent automotive review channel Driveopolis, who installed the Thinkware F750 dash cam in his manual-tastic Porsche Cayman GT4.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

#SharkNoseDiary: Road Trip!

Mileage: Approx. 100 miles.
Fuel Economy: 14 mpg (it's improved by a staggering 1 mpg!)
Expense: 1 tank of gas = $60

It's road trip season, so I figured that I might as well take the old girl out for a cruise. And what a cruise we had.

[Previously on #SharkNoseDiary: I bought a 1987 BMW 635CSi for $2100 and figured, eh, might as well take the car up and down a mountain pass for a full day to see if anything falls out of the car.]

Friday, 5 August 2016

#FAQFridays: How Does The Wi-Fi Feature On The F750 Work?

Thinkware user Billy asked, “Hi Thinkware. Just got a new F750 but I'm wondering about the Wi-Fi feature. Do I need to be nearby a Wi-Fi network in order to use it? How does the Wi-Fi feature and app work? Thanks.”

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Introducing the Thinkware F50 Dash Cam

Quality that You'll Notice. Size that You Won't. 
As one of the most compact dash cams in the market, it’s no surprise that the Thinkware F50 can be set up easily and working in record time. As it is small enough to hide behind the rear view mirror on the windshield, it is likely that you won’t notice it at all. One thing that is immediately noticeable would be the F50’s crystal clear 1080p footage – courtesy of the Sony Exmor image processor that is typically found in high end digital cameras.

Friday, 29 July 2016

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Dash Cam: Road Trip Edition.

Summer is here. People are stepping away from school or work to go on their holidays. Many people fly, but more people road trip -- with over 47,000 miles of interstate highway in the country, plus the numerous music / GPS / road trip and location review apps available by your fingertip, cars generally becoming more fuel efficient and comfortable, which means roadtripping has never been easier.

Now, the question is, how do you prep your dash cam to be roadtrip-ready? Well, we have been to a fair share of road trips ourselves with the trusty F750 Dash Cam and the rear view camera (the one in our leading image has been installed in roughly 10 different rental cars all over the country since we got the set!). We can say with confidence that all of our dash cams can be used in a variety of scenario -- whether it be using it strictly as a surveillance system or as a time lapse camera recording your long drive.

To get the most out of your dash cam, all you need to do is to follow these steps.